Fix No Live Call issue in VICIdial and Goautodial

“No Live call issue” is a situation where the VICIdial server does not seem to dial any outbound number even when the agents are logged in. It might get frustrating for newbies out there. There are a couple of reasons for no live call issue and I will be explaining the possible causes and solution to fix this problem for good.

Hopper issue: Check whether the leads are available in the dial hopper. This can be checked on the real-time report screen of vicidial. If the hopper shows No Leads, that means the leads are not available for the campaign to dial out. Here is the solution.

  1. Check the leads in hopper under the respective campaign.
  2. Go to campaign detail and set the hopper limit minimum to 500.

Improper Dial Status: 

In a situation where you already have uploaded leads for a campaign but it does not show in the hopper, there might be a chance that you are using wrong dial status. This can be checked by navigating to campaign detail page as per this screenshot.

As per the above image, Leads with statuses N, B, A and NEW are allowed to dial. You can add more dial statuses by selecting more statuses from “Add a dial status to Call” option. Here are these things to remember.

  • By default Dial Status NEW must be added so that new uploaded leads will be added to your campaign dial hopper.
  • If you are resetting/recycling the list of leads, then make sure you ADD respective dila status “BUSY, NO Answer, Answering Machine) are to be dialled again.
  • Reset/recycle the leads. Go to Lists detail and change “Reset Lead-Called-Status for this list to Y” and save the list. It will make the list ready to be dialed again in the campaign. You can also put a time in “Reset Times” field and leads will be resetted automatically at that time. Here is a screenshot.

Call Time Issue: Check the local call time set in the campaign detail page. If you don’t know the time of your server you can set it to default Local Call Time to 24hrs. Here is a screenshot.

Disk Storage Issue: Check if your hard disk is full. You can type df -h in linux shell to check the free space in the system hard disk. In cases when the space in nearly full, you will have to move/delete the recordings to free up some space. Here is a detailed guide to check the disk storage.

In case the recording directory is full, you will need to transfer the recording or delete them to make some disk space. Here is a detailed guide for the same.

Repair the Database: Sometimes due to power failure or sudden shutdown of VICIdial server, the Database tables gets crashed and they need repair. Here is a detailed guide to repair your VICIdial or Goautodial database tables.

If you follow these steps carefully, you will have the ready leads in hopper and server will start dialing calls in a proper way.

Author: Kaushal Kumar
I am a Server-side Linux & Web Technologies professional. I dedicate my full time working towards the overall success of my client's Businesses. I help my clients with their business communications, CRM & ERP, Internet Marketing etc. Want to work together: I'd love to hear from you.

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