Steps to Reinstall or Upgrade Dahdi Driver to latest Version

Following tutorial explains the steps to install, reinstall or upgrade Dahdi driver to Latest Version.

Step 1: Uninstall the old dahdi drivers

  • ssh the server via putty
  • First check the dahdi modules installed by running below command

lsmod | grep dahdi

you will get the below output

Now uninstall all the modules which shown in above pic.

modprobe -r wctc4xxp wctdm24xxp wcte12xp xpp dahdi_transcode wcb4xxp
modprobe -r wctdm wcfxo wctdm24xxp wcte11xp wct1xxp wcte12xp
modprobe -r dahdi_voicebus wct4xxp wctdm24xxp dahdi

Step 2: Downloading the latest dahdi driver

tar -xvzf dahdi-linux-complete-current.tar.gz
cd dahdi-linux-complete-2.10.1+2.10
make clean
make all

make install
make config

Step 3: Configuring the dahdi

dahdi_genconf -v
dahdi_cfg -v
/etc/init.d/dahdi restart

Step 4: Troubleshoot

If dahdi still shows old version after running dahdi_cfg -v then follow the below steps.

Run the below commands to remove the old version of Dahdi driver.

rpm -qa | grep “dahdi”

Check the outputs , below is the one I got from my server.

rpm -qa | grep “dahdi”

Run the below command for the each package outputs.

rpm -e –nodeps “dahdi-linux-devel-2.4.1-70.el5”
rpm -e –nodeps “dahdi-tools-2.4.1-68.el5”
rpm -e –nodeps “dahdi-linux-2.4.1-70.el5”
rpm -e –nodeps “dahdi-linux-kmdl-2.6.18-238.9.1.el5.goPAE-2.4.1-70.RHL5”

Once done, follow the above steps once again to reinstall the Dahdi driver to latest version.

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