Send calls from DID on a Cell Phone number in VICIdial and Goautodial

This tutorial explains the steps required to send all incoming calls to a DID on a cell phone (Point DID to a cell phone) number for VICIdial and Goautodial. For this tutorial, I will presume that you have successfully added a DID on VICIdial and calls to this DID is hitting the VICIdial server. I will use the screenshots from an existing server to show this functionality (Point DID to a cell phone).

Technically, we need to point the DID to an external extension number.

Step 1: Login to VICIdial admin interface. Navigate to Inbound>Add a New DID. This area can be used to add a new DID. If you have already added the DID, you can simply edit that. I have already added a DID that points to an In-Group and my page looks like this.



Step 2: Make the following changes.

  • Change “DID Route” to “EXTEN”
  • Change “Extension” to your Cell Phone number
  • Submit Changes

Step 3: Dial your DID and check whether the call is being forwarded. If the call is not going thru, the chances are that you are using some sort of prefix in your dial plan. If you are using the prefix 9 in the dialplan, keep this as the prefix with your cell phone number in the “Extension” field. A good idea is to make a test outgoing call to your cell phone from any of your registered extension until it goes thru. The complete number that you dialed on the softphone will go to the “Extension” field in the configuration page. I am using this dialplan, thus not using any prefix.

exten => _X.,1,AGI(agi://
exten => _X.,2,Dial(${KAUSHALVOIP}/${EXTEN:0},,tToR)
exten => _X.,3,Hangup

Drop a comment in case of any question. All the best..!!

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