Things to do and create permissions for an admin user after a clean VICIdial Installation

Assuming you just finished up installing VICIdial, you should have an IP address on which you installed it. The next steps will provide a detailed guide on the very first steps you need to do to finish the initial setup. This will include following events.

  1. Changing admin password
  2. Creating default Phone registration password
  3. Creating default Phone Login password
  4. Creating default Server password


Step 1: Pull up the VICIdial login page by putting your server IP in your browser. Preferred browsers are Google chrome and Firefox. You will get a screen like this.


Step 2: Click on Administration. The browser will show you a login prompt for VICidial. The default user login is 6666 and the password is 1234. Fill the login prompt and click on OK. here is an image for making the instructions more easier.


Step 3: After you click on OK, You will get a screen that will have the next steps to continue on your initial setup. You need to click on “Continue on to the Initial Setup” as shown in the below image.


Step 4: The initial setup page has a couple of important stuffs that will affect the future admin functions. The most important part of the initial setup is changing your default password. Make sure that the password is strong and does not contain any symbols and VICIdial truncates the symbols. You can always change your user password later. Here are the details of the values you need to change.

  • New Password: Type your desired password in “New password” field.
  • Default Registration Password: The default registration password is used to register your phone extensions in Soft-phone or hard phones. You can keep the value as it is because VICidial has already suggested you a strong registration password.
  • Default Login Password: The default phone web login password is used when phones are created in the system, as the phone password is used by an agent that logs in the agent interface.
  • Default Server Password: It is the default server password used when new servers are added to the system for servers to communicate with each other. If it confuses you in this stage, leave this field as it is to make it quick and painless.
  • Default local GMT: This is the GMT value of your timezone (or the location from which the agents will be logging in). In case the agents are logging from multiple time zones, leave the values as it is.
  • Default Voicemail Zone: The voicemail zone is the listing of the voicemail time-zones that voicemail messages will be time logged with when new messages are left. Choose the relevant option from the drop-down.

Click on submit when you are done. use the below image for reference.


Step 5: Once you click on SUBMIT, this screen will come up. Click on the reports as shown in the picture.


Step 6: You will see the login prompt again. You need to login using 6666 as the user name and the new password you created. Here is a screenshot for reference.


Step 7: After you submit the authentication with correct information, you will be logged in the VICIdial interface. As of now, the user 6666 does not have any permissions as admin. The screen will be like this image.


Step 8: The next step is to assign yourself with all permissions that will help you do the administrative tasks in VICidial interface. Click on “users” in the left menu panel.


Step 9: Click on your user name. In this case it is 6666.


Step 10: You will then see the user edit page. It looks something like this.


Step 11: Scroll down to “ADMIN INTERFACE OPTIONS”. This shows the admin permission. Here if the permission says “0” than it means you don’t have the permission for that following function. If you notice, you will see that all permissions are “0” or not granted to you. It will look like this.


Step 12: Assign all permissions under “ADMIN INTERFACE OPTIONS” by changing them to “1” in the drop-down. Now it should look like this.


Step 13: Scroll down to “API USER OPTIONS, Only enable if needed”. Do not make any changes here as of now. Click on submit.


Voila, You have successfully completed the initial setup of your VICIdial instance. Do not forget your passwords.

It is a good idea to change your default username because people out there may try to brute login in your VICIdial admin with the user ID of 6666 as it is default. Here is a detailed guide on how to copy users in VICIdial.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Thank You for reading..

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