How to copy a user in VICIdial with same permissions

This detailed tutorial will explain you the steps involved to copy a user. In cases when you want to create multiple agents, it might not be good idea to create every agent and configuring their agent user options every time. What you can do is create an agent with the required permissions and copy them multiple times. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. In this guide, I will create a new admin user by copying an existing admin user. The steps involved for all kinda users is exactly the same.


Step 1: Login to your VICIdial admin panel. You can go to the login page by opening server IP in the browser and then by clicking on administration on the VICIdial welcome page. Here is an image for reference.


Step 2: On the left side navigation menu, click on Users.


Step 3: The Users menu will automatically expand. Click on the Copy User menu item.


Step 4: You have the copy user screen now. Type your desired username that you want to create in “User Number” field. This username will be used by the new user to login the VICIdial agent or admin screen (based on the user permission). Type a password in “Password” field. This is the user’s password to log him in as agent or admin (based on permission). Type a full name of the new user in “Full Name” field. “Source User” is very important and should not be confused with. Under “Source User” drop down, Select an existing user from VICIdial whose rights, permissions and settings you want to use for creating a new user. Simply put, the user will have the same permissions of the “Source User” you select.

For demo purposes, I am creating an admin user with a username of “kaushal” and instead of creating a new user from scratch, I am copying the permissions of an existing user 6666. Click on SUBMIT.


Step 5: You have successfully copied the user. You will see a confirmation similar to this.


Note: On a fresh install of VICIdial. 6666 is the default admin user. It is recommended to create a new admin user and delete 6666 from the user list. To delete the users from VICIdial, you can follow this tutorial.


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